60+ Hilarious Alpaca Puns for Instagram

Alpaca Puns: Admit it or not, alpacas or lamas are very adorable and notorious animals. Not only do they have a killer smile but also quite serene in nature as long as no one is poking their nose in their business. If you love a little drama in your life along with lamas, these rib-tickling alpaca puns and llama puns will give you a fluffy feeling as well as make butterflies fly in your stomach. Check out the best lama puns below.

Best Alpaca Puns for Reddit

The alpacas are on the verge of disappearing… Could it be the alpaca -lypse?

My alpaca and I are having a movie party tonight, but he wants to see ‘Alpaca-lypse now’ every time!

That furry little bug was it? It was probably an alpaca-pillar, I believe.

Police found an alpaca that had died in the apartment. It was ruled llamacide by the police!

Where did Alpacas originate? Alpacistan!

What would you say to an alpaca if they made you laugh? Llamo

My wife is mad at me for making South American animal puns. I said, don’t be mad! ‘ alpaca my bags right now’.

What is the secret group of llamas you would call? The i-llamanati.

What is the sound of a llama’s bell? Llama-llama-ding-dong!

What did the llama do when he finished school? A dipllama

Who is the favorite president of a llama? Barack Ollama

My alpaca should hem-brace that she will never be as tall a llama, I think!

My alpaca’s favorite month is Dec-hembra. Or was it Nov-hembra.

My alpaca seemed to be having a very busy day. But it seems that he isn’t up to the task.

Alpacas make amazing gaz-macho and are incredible chefs.

My alpaca baby is so  outrageously ambitious that she wants to scale the cria ladder.

I bought some leather luggage from Peru for myself. Alpaca suitcase.

My wife was tired of hearing jokes about farm animals. She told me to get out. I immediately alpaca my bags.

When we visited the Alpaca farm, I was really hungry. Next time, Alpaca lunch.

I feel like I’m being molested and abused by an alpaca. Today, a street vendor kept shouting at me to “be prepared for the alpaca lips“.

What did the stoned Alpaca have to say about the other stoned Alpaca? Alpaca ‘nother boneg.

What is a stampeding herd Llama? THE ALPACALYPSE

What did the farmer say to be invited on a short-notice visit? Alpaca bag.

What actor do llamas love?Al Pacacino

How do alpacas get up in the morning? They set their allamas.

They will be fine in the rain because alpaca wool is water-peru-oof.

Do you love my new alpaca coat? If you’d like, I can lend it to your wool!

The new alpaca was not nervous about his new home. He also tended to the other alpacas who were very friendly.

I wonder if the alpacas are enjoying a good week. I’ve had the chance to talk to them herd-ly.

Enjoy a llama-zing Day!

I have a little bit of a die-llama.

Forget fairy lights, I’ve got my llama lamp!

Are you going on holidays? Llama help you alpaca your bags..

What happens when you castrate a South American field of camelids? A pack of lack-a–knacker alpacas.

What was the Mama Llama’s message to the Daddy Llama as they got ready for vacation? Make sure your children are prepared and Alpaca has the bags.

Llama kisses are not something to be afraid of. Why is everyone so concerned about alpaca lips, though?

Are you looking to get up in the Andes mountains? Alpaca bowl.

I was spit on by a farm dog and thought it was the end.

Mario saw an alpaca and what did he say? Don’t worry! It’s a false-a llama. “.

What happens when an alpaca goes “moo” It is when it is learning a new word!

Why can’t mickey Llama &mini Llama be friends? Typical llama drama.

What did the Andean mammal think when it was time for vacation? Alpaca suitcase!

Are you ready for a journey? alpaca my bags.

What is a very fast llama called? A llamaghini.

You can save all the drama for your llama.

A man who owns a pet alpaca is a male? A macho man.

What is the minimum distance that an alpaca must travel to move from one country to the next? The concerned authorities will provide an A-peru-val.

Are you familiar with the names of liberal alpacas? Peru-science.

Why can’t the alpaca be proven guilty in court? The lack of perufs.

What is an alpaca’s favorite dessert? A Banana spit.

How did the alpacas split the profits? They divided it 50-50 among themselves.

What is the problem with an alpaca? Spit ends.

With What speed can an alpaca travel long distances? In a fraction of a second.

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