40+ Endearing Happy Birthday Mom Captions for Instagram

Birthday Captions for Mother: Is your mother’s birthday on the cusp of arrival and you want to let the whole world know? There is no better platform than Instagram to wish her with trendy hashtags and cool happy birthday captions. So, keeping in the mind the platform and your mother, we have chalked out some exciting and attention-grabbing birthday captions for mom Instagram and funny birthday captions for mother that will make your birthday wishes stand apart from the rest.

Cute Birthday Captions for Mom Instagram

In a world full of selfish people, your mother is the most selfless individual you will ever find. Happy birthday mom!

If father is synonymous with watchful protector, a mother is synonymous with God. Yes, my mother is God to me. Happy birthday to my beautiful mother!

Swag, charm, kindness, all I got from you, mama. Wishing happy birthday to the one dearest to my heart!

Mama, I am usually right here for you. I need to make your birthday very unique, simply as you do each day of my life. Mommy, my love, have a frisky birthday!

Mom simply remember… The older you get, the better you become like a damn fine wine, Unless you’re a vinegar!Best Birthday Wishes to you Mom!

Have a marvellous and thrilling birthday, Mom! You provide greater than I deserve and without any conditions and expectations in return.

Here is an enigmatic paper note for you. Give it to daddy. It reads ‘ happy birthday and your day off! Daddy is going to  manage all the chores today.

As long as you are by my side, I can fight with all the demons alone. Happy birthday mother, my biggest strength!

Wishing you a very happy birthday, my super Mom!” You ignite the candles on my cake in every birthday memory I have.

More than a mother, you are my dearest friend and the stringent mentor. Life without you is worthless. Happy birthday, my frenzy yet cute mommy!

Short Birthday Captions for Mother

Who needs God when you have a mother to fulfill that role. Happy birthday, mom!

You are your mom’s creation. Never feel worthless. Happy birthday to the sweetest mom ever!

Mother, I don’t have to look for solutions because you know everything. Happy birthday to my super mommy!

Where there is you, there is hope and liveliness. I love you mommy and happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the most glittering and the wisest woman I know. Seize the day!

More than a mother, greater than a friend, what a perfect blend! Happy birthday, mother!

Even the life with dearth of everything seems good when you have a mother to put your head on her lap. Happy birthday, my world!

My life has only one rule; my mother is always right. In case she is wrong, her wrong is also right for me.

God is great but my mother is ultimate. You are all the multiverses for me mother. Happy birthday to you!

You are the one and only person who taught me the meaning of true and unconditional love. My best birthday wishes are with you!

Funny Birthday Captions for Mom

A mother is like a heartbeat except one difference. Heartbeats stop one day but a mother never. Happy birthday to the never relaxing engine of our family.

Sometimes, my mother smile is so frightening that it stops mine. Jokes apart, happy birthday mother!

A mother’s birthday celebration is all about my father’s doing all the household chores from dusk to dawn. Happy birthday mommy!

A mother is the only person in front of whom all the logic of the world fails terribly.

If you think Halloween costumes are scary, see my mother when she is angry. Happy birthday, my crazy lady!

Only a mother can make you eat home made food even on birthdays.

Mothers of other kids expect exorbitant things on her birthday. My mother wants me to bring the best toilet cleaner, vacuum cleaner, and cleaning brushes on her birthday.

If you think life is unfair to you, every time I cry my mother brings me closer with affection and slap 2 more times. Happy birthday to the craziest mom!

The only thing I don’t dare doing in life is changing the t.v channel while mother is watching her favorite show. Wishing happy birthday to my lovely mommy!

Happiest birthday to the mother who is dexterous, beautiful, independent but can’t put step on escalator on her own.

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