50+ Cool Birthday Countdown Captions for Instagram

Birthday Countdown Captions: Are you eagerly searching for sassy and attention-grabbing happy birthday countdown captions for Instagram and other social media platforms? If yes, you have bumped at the right platform. Here, we bring you a super cool and social media worthy collection of birthday countdown captions for friends, girlfriend, and boyfriend that will add glitter and enigma to the birthday celebration of the person whose birthday you want to celebrate.

Birthday Countdown Captions for Instagram

“I won’t keep calm because it’s my 18th birthday and I will drink till I wobble.”

“I wish my age could also decrease like birthday countdowns.”

“Just one more day to go. Pretty excited for my 21st birthday celebration!”

“My dad went for a vacation when he knew my birthday countdown is on.”

 “5..4..3..2..1.. a super stunning and vibrant birthday party begins of a born star like me.”

“Keep calm and hold your tongue because my birthday is just 2 days away.”

“The birthday countdown tells you that your pocket is going to be the same in the end — Zero.”

“Just few hours left in the birthday of the biggest rock star of the family!”

“My happy birthday is 98% loaded and 2 % remaining. Just keep calm and hold your balls!”

“Keep calm because the happy birthday of the youngest 50 years old is coming!”

“Cheers to my charm, warmth, and say happy birthday to me with badaam!”

“The clocking is ticking, the birthday bumps are coming, the party of ages is waiting!”

“If I could define in money how excited I am for my birthday, I would be bankrupt by now.”

“In one day, I will turn into fine twenty nine without spending any dime.”

“Keep calm and sleep because it’s my birthday and there ain’t any party.”

“When you have quarrelsome friends, the birthday countdown send shivers in your body.”

Birthday Countdown Captions for Friends

“Your birthday countdown is loading so does our birthday bumps and punches for you.”

“As your birthday is four days away, the chances of not getting party is getting clearer. Happy birthday!”

“Getting excited because it’s my bestie’s birthday and spoiling mess is our copyright.”

“I don’t consider my friend’s birthday complete unless we do something we can’t remember that day.”

“The longer you take to gives us birthday party, the bigger the hole we will make in your pocket. Happy birthday, buddy!”

“The elder you are getting, the more dolt you are becoming. May god bestows you some brains on your birthday.”

“In a matter of days, your happy birthday will become a horrible memory. Happy birthday, pal!”

“I won’t be there to celebrate your birthday but my crazy idea will be hovering in your birthday party. Happy birthday, buddy!”

“Friends i have is few, one of them celebrates birthday like eww!”

“As hard as rock, your birthday party sucks like my dirty socks. Happy birthday, buddy.”

“5,4,3,2,1….completely loaded. Happy birthday to my nerdy friend!”

“Rocking and rolling is your pre-birthday DP, I hope your birthday party doesn’t turn out to be creepy. Happy birthday, best buddy!”

“I can’t keep calm because my friend’s birthday countdown has finished. Happy birthday to the best friend ever!”

“Instead of focusing on your count down, make every day of your life count from your birthday!”

“A good friend knows all your secrets, a best friend never forgets your birthday. Happy birthday, my lovely buddy!”

“Good friends count days remaining in your birthday, best friends forget counting while giving you birthday bumps.”

Birthday Countdown Captions for Boyfriend

“It’s time to remove the boy from boyfriend because you have become a man.”

“Keep calm and amp up the boyfriend swag because it’s your birthday baby.”

“ Were dancing king at 17, a responsible boyfriend at 21. Happy birthday, boyfriend!”

“It’s time to say good bye to your teenage charm and embrace adulthood pimples. Happy birthday!”

“Cheers to your adulthood and your empty bank balance. Kudos to your birthday!”

“Congratulations on saying goodbye to those days when you have to show ID everywhere. Happy birthday, bae!”

“Let’s cheers with some damn fine beers with all the know peers. Happy birthday!”

“The thirst to drink beer touches sky when your birthday comes near. Love you my birthday bae!”

“Finally, you won’t look like a kid in your birthday selfie. Cheers to your 25 years mate!”

“If it weren’t for instagram filters, you would be looking 50 on social. Cheers to sweet 25 by your unofficial wife!”

“Becoming thirty feels great when you look like in your twenties.”

“I told you, you will look like a piece of crap after 25. Happy birthday BAE.”

“The only person apart from me who remembers your birthday is Facebook.”

“May you don’t fart on your birthday and piss off our friends. Happy birthday, boyfriend!”

“Happy birthday to my boyfriend who looks like my little sister.”

“The only reason I care to celebrate your birthday is because this is the only day you splurge money on me. Happy birthday!”

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